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Der epische Dokumentarfilm „Kreis der Wahrheit“ (engl. „Verity Circle“) des österreichischen Regisseurs ROBERT HOFFERER feiert am prestigeträchtigen Miami Jewish Film Festival vom 11.-25. Januar 2024 seine internationale Premiere im Wettbewerb.

ONLINE screening + VOTE (ab 12.01.2024/ 16:00 UTC+1)

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"This life-affirming film explores the dreams of innocent children during the Holocaust and shares the touching story of two survivors who reflect on these dreams. Helga and Elisabeth, two Jewish sisters from Vienna, miraculously survived their childhood ordeal in the Theresienstadt concentration camp. Verity Circle chronicles their extraordinary life story, beginning in 1938 when Austria was annexed by Nazi Germany and continues through the present day. The film is enriched with insightful interviews with renowned artists, including musician Konstantin Wecker, artist Rob Perez, legendary German actress Iris Berben, and choreographer Cat Jiminez. A diverse array of artists spanning film, music, theatre, poetry, fine art, and dance, contribute additional layers to this unique hybrid documentary. Most notably, stunning animations are brilliantly integrated into the film to bring their story to vivid life.”

Screen & Vote: NUR für Region FLORIDA ab 12.01.2024
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Wir wollen, dass der Film vor allem von unseren Kindern angesehen wird. Daher wenden sie sich bitte als LehrerIn/SchuldirektorIn an

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